Census Week - July 13-17

Census Week – July 13-17

From July 13th to the 17th we will be making an all-out push to encourage households to complete the 2020 Census before door to door non-response follow-up (NRFU) begins in mid-August. We are calling this Census Surge Week and are asking you to work with us to promote a self-response 

Response rates as of 7/1/2020: 

7/1/2020Response Rates Tract
Wisconsin68.8#2 – Minnesota is still #1 at 71.4 ☹ 
Wisconsin highest81.9Osaukee County 
Fond du Lac Co74.6  
Fond du Lac Co – lowest53.7NW corner of City of Fond du Lac405
Fond du Lac Co – low58.9NW corner of City of Fond du Lac403
Fond du Lac Co – low64.0Towns of Osceola and Eden419
Fond du Lac Co – highest84.8Taycheeda area  😊420

Response rates are updated M-F at https://2020census.gov/en/response-rates.html