Drop Box

Drop box is accessible at Friendship Town Hall. Residents are encouraged to use the drop box for delivery of materials to town official. Please notify the Town Clerk when items are placed in the drop box.

New or Changed Ordinance

  • Short Term Rental Ordinance was adopted on 9-8-22. See Town Ordinances Page.
  • Commercial Electrical Inspections Ordinance was adopted on 7-10-21. See Town Ordinances Page.
  • ATV/UTV Ordnance was adopted on 9-14-17. See Town Ordinances Page.
  • Adult Entertainment Ordinance was adopted on 8-11-16. See Town Ordinances Page.
  • Utility Location Ordinance was adopted on 6-9-16. See Town Ordinances Page.
  • Backyard Chickens Ordinance was adopted on 12-12-15. See Town Ordinances Page.
  • Sex Offender Ordinance was adopted on 12-12-15. See Town Ordinances Page.

Meeting Times and Location

The Town of Friendship Town Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at the Town Hall located at W6931 County Road N, Van Dyne, WI.

Town residents are encouraged to contact the Town Chairman no later than the Saturday preceding the monthly meeting (by 5:30pm) if desire an item placed on the agenda.