Sanitary Districts

Sanitary District #1

Monthly Meeting – 1st Wednesday of every Month – 7:00 P.M. at Friendship Town Hall

Formed in 1967 and consolidated with Sanitary District #3 in 1983, this district serves the Lake Winnebago shoreline area and the unincorporated community of Van Dyne. The district covers approximately 1,015 acres, and includes 530 structures and 1,335 residents. The district has capacity for only the vacant land within its district.

The Friendship Consolidated Sanitary District system was recently upgraded by enlarging the capacity of the lift stations. The system is now capable of handling additional growth in areas designated on the Land Use Plan as future residential growth areas.

The additional capacity now matches the capacity purchased as part of a City-Outside Sewer User Group (OSG) contract. As part of the 2000 contract, Friendship Consolidated Sanity District purchased a 2020 capacity for 2,428 people and a 2050 capacity for 2,649 people. The 2020 capacity represents sewer treatment plant capacity and the 2050 capacity represents capacity in the regional interceptor system.

The additional capacity will easily accommodate the residential growth area shown along USH 45 and E. Lone Elm Road.

Sanitary District #1 Board


Dina O’Brien . . . W6851 Main Street, Van Dyne, WI 54979 (920) 517-6807


Kevin Kaiser . . . N9691 White Pine Road, Van Dyne, WI 54979 (920)539-9141


Mark Rymer

Sanitary District #2

This district encompasses Ashwood Manufactured Home Park. It includes 227 acres and a population of about 1,130 persons. The district is only meant to address the needs of this manufactured home park.

Sanitary District Board #2 Board

The Friendship Town Board serves as board for this district.